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- Panties panties!

Lucky Underwear Color Today (Female)

Cast your spell : Panties panties! Mirror Mirror! What color of panties you should wear to be lucky today. Seriouly, the color of your underwear will be your lucky charm.

You may wonder why underwear would relate to luck. But when you know that underwear can also have religous significance, just like Judaism, Mormonism, Sikhism... And Chinese people will wear red underwear in Chinese new year for luck too. Let's put it in this way, underwear is the clothes nearly next to our skin all the time. If you believe in color, underwear would be the closest item contribute the luck power to you.

Female Underwear

Mirror! Mirror!
Tell me what is my lucky underwear color today!

(Click the mirror)

Let's talk about lucky underwear and the first time ritual

Female underwear types
Boy shorts
Boys' cut shorts
Boyleg briefs

That's no doubt that everyone has their own lucky charm. So why not underwear is your lucky charm? I have a friend who has lucky underwear, and she picks different color of underwear as different kind of luck. For example, pink is for love luck, green is for work luck. I had take this chance to make fun of her, but, you see, all this site is talking about lucky stuff.

In a recent conversation with some single friends of both sexes, I began to realize that nearly everyone has some sort of first date ritual, be it lucky monkey boxer shorts, wearing a shade of red lipstick, spraying lucky perfume? Do you think those ritual will really improve your chances for a successful match? I may be going out on a limb here, but I think it probably does. Why? Because rituals make us feel more comfortable and confident , and the more comfortable we feel, the more likely we are to relax and have a good time. And that makes us more likely to have a fabulous first date.

So, the next time you're getting ready for a fist date that could be "The One" go ahead wear your lucky blue underwear or ask the mirror above in here. Do whatever it takes to feel as confident (and lucky) as you can. And, if you start to feel a little strange, remember you're not the only one. Your date is probably busy grooming the cat wearing lucky socks. :)

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