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Make a wish

Have you ever make a wish in the wishing well? Lets try the online wishing well in TodayNumber. Three steps only, shown as below.

Step1 : spin or pick a number

When you first come to visit TodayNumber, you have to believe in numbers. You have to take the first step to spin a number.

Spin a number - You just need to click the spinning machine, it will give you the lucky number today, then you just click to browse. here

Ask Crystal Ball - You just need to click the crystal ball, it will guide you the right number. here

Number in your mind - just input here:

We have 1000 numbers here, and every numbers' vistors could see this Wishing well and pray for good luck.

Step 2 wish well

Everyday, there are over thousand of people visit here and pray for your wish! Make a wish!
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Make a wish!
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Search the wish box

Wishing well is the positive way for you to encourage yourself to achieve your goals and dream.

Now, you can see wishes posted by the others who visited the same wish box previously. When your touch the picture, you will see their wishes.

Todaynumber would like to bring all the wishes together for who spinned the same number. It cause the positive effect to all the wish maker.

You can use the following tools to read.

Search box
is at the right top corner:
Now, you can try to input some keywords(love,marry,money...) to search and see what happen. Yes, those related items has been highlighted.

The dark area with a small 'R' is the space reserved,waiting for the user to activate it by clicking the link sent from TodayNumber by email.

Step 3 get pixels & post message

make a wish
Click to try post message
Free pixels last for 30days,
tryme only for 1 day.

Before making a wish

ref: wikiHow
Be positive and using the law of attraction:
1. Relax your mind.
2. Be sure about what you want and when you do decide don't doubt yourself.
3. Ask the Universe for it.
4. Write your wish down.
5. Feel it.
6. Show gratitude.
7. Trust the Universe.

Making a wish

You can post your facebook, blog, picture, twitter to represent your wish... Just click the "make a wish here" in wishing well, proceed to the get-pixel page belongs to your number, select the pixels and position you like, upload your picture, or grab one from our collection, fill in your wish and post it.

After posting, we reserve the area for 3 days, free user has to activate by clicking the link in the email from TodayNumber. For premium user, your post will be shown as soon as we receive the payment.

TodayNumber has the right to remove any post which is inappropriate, such as 18+ issues, sex, gambling.
Premium Pixels -are in yellow, only cost $1per box(20X20pixels) for 1 years showing.

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